The Insured Rating platform and tools have enabled us to take control of our rating destiny, change products and rates more quickly than ever, and have given us visibility into quote activity and data that we never had before. It’s been a great step forward for us.
— Bryan Fowler, CIO, Oregon Mutual

Rating Engine: Insured Rating

Fast, flexible rating and rate management, all in the cloud.

Quickly and accurately turn your rate plans into high performance, standards based, cloud deployed web services.

Insured Rating is a modern, entirely web-based platform that provides all the tools and services necessary for rating any line of business, algorithm, or transaction type. 

Launch Fast, React Quickly
ClarionDoor’s Insured Rating can easily import Excel raters, automatically generating ACORD standard web services which can be seamlessly tied into existing systems.

Insured Rating provides all the other backend functions required to deliver and maintain successful production implementations: testing tools, what-if functionality, release tools, lifecycle management, extensive logging & versioning, and well-documented APIs.


An Elegant & Empowering Toolset
Insured Rating’s product configuration eliminates as many intermediary steps as possible between the business’s source rules & documents and the actual live implementation. Removing unnecessary translation steps reduces implementation and change costs while decreasing possible sources of error and providing more transparency.

Business users can easily clone and implement new programs without IT intervention. Extensive help and online support is provided throughout the web-based administration tools.

Native Industry Standards Support
Insured Rating doesn’t merely support industry standards, it’s built on them, featuring native support for the ACORD XML schema and AWSP Level 1 web service standards to ensure maximum industry compatibility for mapping and sending customer data transactions.

Integrate with Ease
Every rating program in Insured Rating  is automatically a secure web service. Using our APIs and release tools you can expose any or all of your rate plans to external systems and test integration safely.

True Cloud Design & Scale
The cloud is the future for enterprisetechnology, enabling companies to scale while focusing on their core competencies and competitive differentiation. Insured Rating was designed for the cloud from the ground up, able to take advantage of elastic resource scaling, multinational availability zones, and other cloud-only features and benefits.

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