The ClarionDoor solution has allowed Catlin to provide an excellent rating solution and overall experience for our agents and underwriters. The feedback from our agents has been extremely positive.
— John Hartman, Managing Director, Catlin Specialty

Web Quoting: Insured Workflows

The best possible user experience for quoting insurance products.

When you need to provide a web-based rating and quoting experience for your producers, agents, and underwriters, the ClarionDoor Insured Workflows integrates with ClarionDoor's Insured Rating rating engine to quickly provide a powerful, easy-to-use quoting portal. 

Collect Data Quickly
Web forms are easily tailored exactly to your quoting needs, but ClarionDoor's focus on pragmatic, user-oriented workflow means it's also possible to capture large property lists or schedules via Excel and upload them into the user interface.

Dynamic Rules and Workflows
ClarionDoor's UI is smart enough to only ask the specific questions required for a particular risk, and intelligently constrain the options available. ClarionDoor also supports package policies and cross-policy rules and discounting, reducing data entry and enabling a holistic experience for your customers and users.

Out-of-the-box or Custom
Common lines such as General Liability, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, and more can be up and running quickly, leveraging ClarionDoor's extensive experience. There are no limits though: ClarionDoor's flexible platform is specifically designed to be able to handle complex or unusual lines and requirements.

Integrate with Ease
Easily tie in internal or external analytics, data services, or risk scoring. Feed downstream core systems. Automatically populate policy issuance tools. Leverage single sign-on infrastructure. ClarionDoor does it all, and has many integrations built-in.

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