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“ClarionDoor left a lasting impression on the General Star project team in a number of areas highly valued by us.  The ClarionDoor team consistently delivered on their estimates and commitments, ranging from costs to deliverables.  As the project progressed, the conservative cushions we had built into our projections were unnecessary.  ClarionDoor consistently demonstrated the ability to listen to what we needed, and in many instances added other valuable insights or features we failed to consider.  We are delighted, to say the least, with the results; it was a pleasure working with professionals.”

Martin Hacala, President & CEO

Berkshire Hathaway

“Our experience working with ClarionDoor has exceeded expectations. Within two weeks, ClarionDoor was able to deliver our rates without a single error or setback while also surpassing our very high performance testing benchmarks. The flexibility of Insured Rating allowed us to make final refinements to our product and still maintain our delivery timeline. ClarionDoor has proven to be a great technology partner for BHTP.”

Josh Jandrain, Vice President of Information Technology

Oregon Mutual Insurance

“We are extremely happy with the results that our partnership with ClarionDoor has produced for OMI.  The ease and flexibility of the Insured Rating suite of tools and the close partnership with the ClarionDoor made the project go very smoothly and quickly, from project inception through implementation.  The Insured Rating platform and tools have enabled us to take control of our rating destiny, change products and rates more quickly than ever, and have given us visibility into quote activity and data that we never had before. It’s been a great step forward for us.”

Bryan Fowler, Chief Information Officer

Catlin Insurance

“The ClarionDoor solution has allowed Catlin to provide an excellent rating solution and overall experience for our agents and underwriters. The ClarionDoor team showed a great understanding of our rating algorithms and business rules, and was able to quickly deliver a quality solution in a matter of months. We are already delivering as many as one thousand quotes per day and the feedback from our agents has been extremely positive.  ClarionDoor has proven to be a valued business partner and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help ensure our success.”

John Hartman, Managing Director

American Property Insurance

“After reviewing various rating solutions, we selected ClarionDoor based on their overall technology, speed-to-market development process and their ability to deliver a solution tailored to our specific needs. The entire solution was delivered and ready for use by our underwriters well before our anticipated launch date.”

James Gorman, Chairman, President, and CEO